Phone Tracking Technologies

Technology has led to a revolution that has touched almost every part of our life. It has bestowed us with immense power in the form of many powerful tools that help us have the world on our fingertips. A mobile phone is one such powerful tool that technology has blessed us with. It, in fact, is a superpower. This superpower in our hands helps us in doing more than just staying connected. However, this superpower going into every hand has its own harmful side-effects too.

Almost everyone using a mobile phone has been harassed by unknown callers at least once in their lifetimes. And with increasing numbers in the spam and unwanted callers, the numbers have increased. You will come across a spam call almost every day. So is there a way to track these callers? Sure, there is one!!

Read through to know how to track a phone and more.

The need for phone tracking

Almost everyone has a mobile phone nowadays and it is something they carry with them all the time and hence tracking a phone number is equivalent to tracking a real person, because most often than not a real person will be carrying his/her phone with him/her. And as such phone tracking is as good as tracking the person in real.

Many times the spam and unwanted callers get on your nerves. Especially when they are calling too often. Some of these callers might be selling something to you. Some others are trying to solicit some personal information from you. Identity Frauds and frauds involving the duping of money through credit cards and other banking information collected are continuously on the rise. How are they able to do it so easily? They do it by getting your banking and other information over a call. And hence there is a need to track these people trying to fraud you.

Not only is there a need to track the spammers, but you might also want to keep track of your loved ones too. This world is no more a safe place to live in. With crime rates on a continuous rise, you would want to make sure that your friends, family, and people you love are safe wherever they are. And in doing so being able to track their mobile phone location on a real-time basis is very helpful. So you are worry-free and are aware of where they are.

Apart from that crime investigation agencies often need to locate a phone number for their investigations and tracking the criminals in real-time.

Having seen the need for phone tracking let’s find out how it is done.

How to track a phone device and its location?

Phone calls and their locations can be tracked using GPS & IMEI Call trackers. You can easily see the GPS coordinates of a phone device using the phone number. The best part is you won’t need an internet connection with GPS tracking and IMEI call tracking. You can also track phone devices by using SMS and WhatsApp messages as well. And all of this without even letting the person whose phone device you are tracking know that their locations are being tracked.

Some apps such as Locateanumber and GPS Phone are very useful in tracking mobile devices even when they are not connected to the internet. These apps are great to track your loved ones. Thus lending you, your share of peace of mind by knowing their whereabouts.

Apart from the apps, there are some phone tracking websites as well that help you in the tracking of phone numbers on a real-time basis. They use the same kind of GPS coordinates and other tracking methodologies such as circle information and operator registration to give you the location and other information you need. Some examples of such free phone locator websites are Free Phone Tracer, Mobile Phone Tracker, etc. For more, you can google and find many other such free phone tracking services online.

Some other ways to locate a phone number

Apart from the GPS tracking apps and websites, you can also use spyware apps that is an advanced level tracking of the mobile device. Spyware applications can help you track and access phone locations and details without having the phone in your possession. These use the phone number as the key information to track everything about the phone including the GPS location, calls, text messages, social network activity, etc. However, you might have to check the law of the land while using these apps since it may be illegal to track someone’s phone.

Some prominent apps that are in use are Locateanumber, Caller ID & Phonenumber-track, etc. These apps are highly useful in doing some advance level mobile phone surveillance activities. You might not need them all the time but if needed they come very handy.

Tracking other details using a phone number

The mobile phone tracking does not stop at the location like we have seen above. You can get the name and other details of the malicious callers as well. You can use the phone number and do a CNAM lookup in the databases. Alternatively, you can also use white pages listings to find the owner and address details of the phone number. By using white pages services you can easily find the location in case there is an inaccuracy in the GPS location of the device. This lookup is known as a reverse lookup technique since you are using a phone number back from a system to get the details you want.

Final Takeaway

So whether it is your lost phone that you are trying to locate, or are being sure of the safety and security of your loved ones, technology is at its best has now provided a realm of options. You may be a spy digging into intel to track a criminal or a collections guy trying to find a loan defaulter, tracking phone numbers are now no big deal. But while doing so ensure you are following the rule of law failing which you might land into unwanted trouble.