Satellites became important assets in the modern technological environment, as they are used in different areas and provide many useful functionality. In the current GPS system, there are 32 earth-orbiting satellites. Twenty-four of them are used for triangulation processes and the eight others serve as supportive assets to keep a precise timing. We call it the Galileo constellation, 24 satellites at 23500 kilometers from the earth.gps_orbit

Timing is very important when it comes to geolocation and device tracking. A millisecond difference can have a bad impact of the accuracy of the tracking. If the satellites that conduct the tracking are not properly synchronized, the margin of error will increase and thus the precision of the locator that will won’t be able to generate the right position.

However, you do not need to worry about this, scientists resort to the “support satellite” that contains an atomic clock. This clock works as a reference for the satellites that conduct trilateration and keep them synchronized.

Control center are in charge of verifying the system status and check if everything is going as it should be. They also run orbit calculations to determine the position of each one of the 24 earth orbiting satellites (With the earth as the distance reference). It is not possible to find the location of a device, if we have no idea about the satellite’s position. Every 100 minutes, ground stations communicates their precise orbits to the satellites, which allows the signal receivers like the GPS feature on our phones to run the tracking.


Many people get confused when they are about to use our platform. Let me tell that we have put a lot of effort into conceiving and developing an easy-to-use platform.

1-Access the phone-tracking interface here.

The tracker is connected to our satellite coordinator, which puts at our disposal multiple tools to conduct and monitor the phone tracking process.

You will have to fill in the two search boxes with information related to your cellphone:

Phone number: 01765071286

Country: Germany


2- Traceability status:

Our system will transmit the data to our satellite intermediate who will run the calculations in order to generate your phone’s coordinates. You will receive a notification on the code transmission panel about the traceability status to inform you if the system is able to locate your device. This system is functioning with the same assets used by big telecommunications operators.

In order to know if the system is able to track your device, you will have to wait for the traceability status. If it positive: “Yes”, the system will keep the process going.

The Subscriber Identity module refers to the phone number you entered previously.


3- Get your phone’s position:

When the phone-tracking process is completed. The system will be display your geo-coordinates on Google Maps.

The actual version of our tool  does not auto-actualize the position. The user has to restart the phone tracking process again if the phone is constantly moving.